Yahoo! is a bunch of wankers

Well…Yahoo! still hasn’t fixed the blog yet. Still an ardous (sp?) route to get to be able to post something. Is it that hard to fix it? Come on people now smile on your brother. Hmm… the r key is better but my typing still sucks. Hot enough for you today? and why will jobs be lost in the US if we curb greenhouse gases? I mean if we make everyone get smaller cars that would mean that we would have to build more cars. And if we revamp the infrastructure ( freeways, highrises vs. single family home) that is a lot of jobs there in rebuilding. Dammit why can’t I rule the world? Or at least why can’t everyone listen to me?
What this country needs is a few good wars to blow up all the housing so we can build it better. Or maybe not wars but earthquakes/hurricanes etc and clean up the bad housing mess.

So who’s with me for a rain dance?


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