Is it a bad piece or just not your aesthetic?

Just saw a dance show in SF. Good thing it was short as it was not very interesting. This is not to say that the dancers weren’t any good. The dancers were well rehearsed and knew what they were doing, hit their cues, legs were high etc.

But nothing original in any of the pieces, no questions or investigations. Eventhough I did not like the show I am still glad I went. It is good to see what other work is being created in one’s artistic community. Too often I have heard dancers in the Bay Area say that they are tired of going to shows because they do not see anything they like.

The point isn’t to just see stuff you like. If that were the case, stay home and wait for your next NetFlix selection to show up. The point is to see as much as possible to challenge and define your own aesthetic. You might even get a small nugget from a piece that inspires you in a new direction. The point is too see as much as possible so then you can complain that no one is doing anything good. ha ha ha


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