Just finished watching the movie “Slacker” by Richard Linkletter, is that his name? Anyway, it is a brilliant movie. At first I thought it was kinda boring, not much happens, nothing to follow as the characters keep changing etc, but what sticks out is the format. The format is different. If anyone were to make another film with different dialogue, actors, costumes etc people would say – Oh, it;s just like “Slacker.” Yes, it might be just like Slacker, but then also very different.

As Keith Johnston says, Content lies within the structure. Then if that is true most movies have the same content. As I would say the L word and Grey’s Anatomy do. People having sex breaking up, getting mad at each other, changing partners. One group is artistic lesbians and the other is heterosexual surgeons except for the gay bartender. But same shit, different package.

But Slacker offers a new door to walk through, a “new” format. New to me because I am so behind the times. So backwards, I am retro and then flip around and end up cool, yeah that’s it. Kinda like that article in the Onion I read a while back.(find the reference yourself, I do not know how to add links to this stupid blog)

How can this format be used to “say” something other than the format? Would be nice to see a movie of this format in Baghdad.

Why do things/art pieces of vastly different formats become marginalized and then stuck out in the unreified universe? Guess they are waiting for the rest of us to ketchup.

Is there a grand unifiying theory for all of Art? Kinda like what Einstein was looking for in physics…


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