we are dream girls we are dream girls we are your wet dream girls

gotta love how songs gloss over the topics that they really are talking about. Sort of taking all the sting, spice, and interest out of the topic to make it palatable for the masses.

That is what happened with the movie”Dreamgirls”. It had so many possible great storylines in there, too many for 2 hours to deal with, that nothing really stood out. The story of Eddie Murphy’s heroin addict could have been great. The story of Effie’s drinking and single mother hood could be really intense and then her comeback. The megalomania of Jamie Foxx’s character. The squashing of C.C. soul and spirit to make the songs fit into marketable packages could have been interesting. Curtis’ realization of fatherhood could have been interesting.

But in the end none of these issues are really tackled, leaving you with not much.

Also what is with Beyoncé’s eyebrows? Looks like there is something missing between her eyebrown? is it expression? How much Botox is in there. And why is she up for best actress? Jennifer Hudson is the main star in the movie, not Beyoncé. Once again the curvy chick gets bumped by the skinny one.


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