Mental Stimulation

Just had a class with Shelley Senter. Did some Alexander and then choreography. What I noticed was that my brain is stimulated in a different way than when I do contact. Shelley’s movement, similiar to movement I have experienced at the Trisha Brown studios, (Shelley danced for Trisha for 5 years), stimulates my movement brain. After about an hour of that type of choreography I want to dance around in that manner or style, or using that style as a source.

Contact on the other hand, gets me into my conscious thinking brain. After a long session of contact I tend to sit still and just think. The less I think in my contact, the better the dance( in some sense), the more I think later. I really noticed this dutring the workshop I took last week with Martin Keogh. After day two, I was sitting at home reading. Well, actually not reading but sitting on the couch holding a magazine, staring at it, but thinking intensely, about all the sensations I had experienced, the rolls, spirals and pathways. That is where the thinking starts and then off into….


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