Homeland Security…

Fighting Terrorism since 1492.

Yes, I agree with the sentiment of the T-Shirt. Or do I? What is the meaning behind the shirt? Maybe I do not fully understand it. The only people I see wearing this shirt have been Caucasians, white folks. So are they saying that they support the Native American Homeland Security that encountered Columbus in 1492? If so, what are these white people still doing in the USA? Go back to Europe then. Are these white people saying that they want to be kicked out of the United States? Or are they saying that Homeland Security is a joke, cuz look how successful Native Americans were at keeping out the white man, so we should not bother with Homeland Security now?
Seems like knee jerk liberalism to me. It contains pictures of Native Americans, has words associated with GWB & Co, must be a good thing. Funny to see mself write that-knee jerk liberal, being a liberal and all. Also could be that I am missing the point. If so, please tell me.


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