San Diego Fires

Sounds like Southern California is burning up again. 250,000 people had to evacuate. Some people stayed behind even though they were told to evacuate-
“Firefighters — who lost valuable time trying to persuade stubborn homeowners to leave…Firefighters complained that their efforts to stop the flames were delayed when they were confronted by people who refused to leave their homes. ‘They didn’t evacuate at all, or delayed until it was too late,’ said Bill Metcalf, a fire boss. ‘And those folks who are making those decisions are actually stripping fire resources.’

I say if you have been told to evacuate and you don’t that you are on your own. Why should your stubbornness get in the way of firefighters doing their job? Let dumb asses burn. Darwin rides again.
Similar to the people whose houses several years ago burned down in SD county. They didn’t want to put up sprinklers as the county wanted them to. They didn’t because it cost too much. Then fires come and burn their houses down. If they had spent the $5000 or whatever, they could have saved themselves, the city, the fire department a lot of trouble. (I can’t find an article on that, so if anyone finds one please tell me.)

Maybe harsh, but if you’ve been warned…
I know something about fires. The house I lived in that my great-grandfather built burnt down when I was in highschool. No one died, but we lost the house and most everything in it.


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