Dumbledore is gay

Who the #%@%#!@# cares if a fictional character (that might as well be asexual cuz the books are not about his love life) is gay ? Can you say free press? J.K. Rowling is probably worried that she is fading out of the limelight, well is she? I have no idea. I read the first book, thought it was okay and tried the second, but thought it was complete crap, so never finished it.

But dropping a “bomb” like this on the public seems like a way to get people all abuzz about the books again without having to write another one. Maybe there is a kid somewhere who hasn’t bought all the Potter books yet and this stunt is a way to squeeze a few more dollars out. This lady must be loaded. Isn’t the series over, yet? Are they going to be able to finish all the movies before the actors start having kids? Aren’t the actors already pushing their age range?


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