Hillary is not the Comeback Kid

John McCain, yes but not Hillary. First of all, she has not been behind long enough. As far as I can tell, she was only behind Obama for a week after the Iowa caucus. Behind for a week and then she beats Obama in New Hampshire. McCain has been way down near the bottom of the polls for weeks and then he wins New Hampshire. That is comeback. But behind for a week and then back on top…maybe that one week was an anomoly. (is that how that word is spelled?)

And can anyone explain to me why all the primaries aren’t on the same day? And why we have to vote one a Tuesday? Here in Germany the elections are on the weekend. And they have higher voter turnout. Hmm…maybe the powers that be in the States don’t want high voter turn out. But then again it doesn’t matter how we vote. Those voting machines are easy to hack anyways

“Voting holds no real power, he who counts the votes has the true power.” Joseph Stalin


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