Pulley tendon poppage

Well, yesterday as I was bouldering at the gym as I pulled on a hold with my left finger, I heard a nice popping sound. Didn’t really hurt that much, but after talking to a doctor who is also a climber, he said that I popped a pulley tendon. The A2 or something like that. I forget exactly. Based upon where the stiffness is between my hand and the first knuckle of my left ring finger. I think I did this several years ago in ’95 when I was climbing in a gym in Austria. 12 years later and the same injury. And the lame thing is it was not a very hard climb. Not that I can do anything really hard anyways, but still.

So while icing, more time to play Hordes of Orcs. After remembering how to take a picture of my desktop – caps lock, shift+commad+4, click drag crosshairs – took a picture of the impossible level of cross something. Forget the name of the level. But have already completed that level, but wanted to try out the LVL. 5 lighting tower. (Warning!! Approaching geekdom) Here is a photo of it- 16 arrow towers, radiation, ice and lighting at max. After learning the bait trick, this game just becomes a waiting game. Symmetry…you gotta love it! Hit them with some radiation as they enter, ice to slow them down, lighting to fry them…


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