Muslims nations: Defame Islam, get sued?

This is exactly why people make fun of Islam. Well, it is better than blowing up people. But I don’t want some whiners in another country telling me what I can and cannot say, what whole other countries can and cannot say. And this guy is another reason people make fun of Islam.

All religions are asinine. All religions are misused. Read God is not Great: How religion spoils everything. But seems like some Islamists are getting quite sensitive. This is pitting the ideals of free speech against the ideals of one religion.

Has anyone compared the growing pains and wars of Christian Sects centuries ago to the wars of Islamic sects today? Just heard on the radio the other day how in one of the original 13 colonies Quakers were hanged just for being Quakers. A Quaker! How more innocent can you get than a Quaker. Guess the Christians who hanged them forgot about that one commandment. “The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay were determined to exclude alien elements from their spiritual community, and they hanged four Quakers to prove it.”

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