Berkeley Animal Rights Activists or Bomb McDonalds

University seeks restraining order against protesters who rally outside of homes of researchers”

Animal rights activists have gotten rather rowdy lately, harassing professors who use animals in their research. I can’t say that I am for using animals in research, not sure if it always that effective. But I am pretty sure that the protests are just further alienating the public from their cause.

The two most effective protesters to date – Gandhi and M.L.K. – were both non violent.

Look at Palestine and Israel – continual violence and no progress. Didn’t the change happen in Ireland once people stopped bombing each other.

And maybe some good comes from animal testing. I am sure some vaccines and medical procedures have been discovered/invented as a result of animal testing.

Where the animal rights activists should put their energy is in fast food. No good comes out of that and the animals are treated far worse in industrial food making than in labs. Attacking professors in labs in too removed from the everyman. If activists put smoke bombs in fast food “restaurants” driving people away from KFC etc, they would get more of a reaction. People would begin to fear going to buy fast food.

Animal testing, while is such for the animals does some good. Fast food does no one any good. It just creates trash and type 2 diabetes.


2 thoughts on “Berkeley Animal Rights Activists or Bomb McDonalds

  1. And because they are killing each other, they are getting nowhere.And thank goodness no one has been killed by animal-rights activists”An incendiary device was left at the door of one professor’s house, the third such attack on a UCLA staff member in two years.”I just think that if they are going to use incendiary devices they would get more bang for their buck by going after fast food. Animal research is too esoteric.

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