Don’t candles also make greenhouses gases?

From an Antarctic research base to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and beyond, the world switched off the lights on Saturday for Earth Hour, dimming skyscrapers, city streets and some of the world’s most recognizable monuments for 60 minutes to highlight the threat of climate change.

Sounds like a good idea. But I am not sure if everyone got the idea completely.

In Australia, people attended candlelit speed-dating events…

Candles burn oxygen creating carbon dioxide, a green house gas. Therefore they were still adding to the problem.

A key 2010 football World Cup qualifier against Serbia posed a dilemma for Romanians. “Shall we watch the match or turn off the lights?,” the 7plus daily asked in its main front-page headline.

Couldn’t they just play the game during the day time when there is carbon free light?

McDonald’s Corp. planned to dim its arches at 500 locations around the U.S. Midwest

Why not stop selling burgers for an hour? The consumption of meat adds more to global warming than transportation.


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