Walking backwards

I was in the studio today. Walked backwards for about 45 minutes. Thinking about chaos. When we (Lower Left) teach chaos, we tend to focus on chaos of the kinesphere, but rarely on location and vector/pathway. Space Haikus maybe, but never with the words chaos.

Walking backwards for an extended period of time allowed me to get past many crap tapes. It became quite a revelation to realize that I had yet been in a certain corner of the space and that I had not yet walked backwards with a certain section of the wall or a certain window in view yet. Also walking backwards leads to quite a pleasurable sensation in the feet. I experienced a familiar pathway in my feet but reversed. Quite a podiacal(?) enlightenment.

Could be quite a performance – walking backwards.

Walking backwards is a simple tool for finding chaos – chaos of direction, of duration, of location (which will not truly be achieved until we can teleport!). By limiting our options, we increase our awareness and thusly increase our palate. Or is it pallate or pallete?

A sense of ease and sense of chaos are not mutually exclusive. People stuck in habits can feel the swirl of chaos. Once we have an awareness of the chaos and the possibilities within do we achieve a sense of ease.

Training chaos is not to create chaos but to work within it and give us options.


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