Definitions of C and I

That which has a higher degree of reproducibilty a larger percentage of the time.

That which has a lower degree of reproducibility a smaller percentage of the time.


2 thoughts on “Definitions of C and I

  1. Interesting.So if I generate a sequence of movements by improvising, then repeat that sequence so that it's repetition appears "choreographed" to a viewer, am I still improvising? Choreography: movement or events conceived as being predetermine and intentionally ordered in time (even if, as with Cunningham/Cage, that order is stochastic).Improvisation: Composition without predetermination of how movements/events will be placed in time. Since there are no fixed moments in time, and our perception of time is variable, there is plenty of room for the latter in the former.-Love

  2. I would say the repetition creates the choreography. How exact the repetition is, is another question. But you might use the choreography to improvise – use set material to improvise another variable besides the string of shapes – time, space, tension…plenty of room to choreo within an improvisation and vice versa.

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