Subject vs. Object

Contact Improvisation has become a dance of the subject, not the object.



8 thoughts on “Subject vs. Object

  1. not sure what you're getting at. would like to hear more. it has 'become' a dance of the subject, not the object? does that mean it was once something else? if so, what does that mean to you now, and then?c.i. has revealed itself to me as an AND paradigm so i would have to say it is both the subject and the object. the more i research the AND of c.i. the more expansive, inclusive and continuous my awareness becomes. the more i explore the AND the more i am struck by how deeply i have been conditioned to operate in the OR, having to decide between or measure which. in a c.i. state of mind i need only use the points of contact to be aware of what is in each moment. when i am aware of what is the infinite what else becomes an option and i am free to care for myself and all i am connected to. i choose the idea of mutual (simultaneous and spontaneous) well-being as subject object of my inquiry. the subject is the point of contact, the object is to maintain a thread of connection with which to explore interdependence for the purpose of mutual well-being.this way of the AND and IS and CARE suits me. having only to be of aware of the all that is available for the benefit of all and only that simplifies. tension drops away and i experience freedom to love. wow.thanks andrew for instigating a 'discuss'! i always crave more of it in the c.i. community. attempting to articulate and communicate on every level only deepens and expands the experience. woohoosometimes i see in the community the fear that 'talking' or 'thinking' will somehow distract, diminish or control etc etc the experience of c.i. to ease the fears there is the tendency to create rules or agreements. i see this as an expression of the OR way of perceiving. in the way of AND all is useful when useful, not when not, and the focus becomes using awareness to maintain contact and improvise. improvise our way through an increasingly diverse and expansive web of well-beingh'all'eluj'ahhhhh'

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  3. wait. when did this happen? was it a gradual thing or did i miss a big bang?Magnesium/physics/science-y/object Two people smearing and sweating all over each other/relationships/somatics-y/subject?

  4. I can't say what CI was before I got involved. Reading books and watching videos isn't the same as personal experience.But I see more and more workshops, labs, discussions, etc that deal with sexuality, politics, healing, interpersonal communication (subject) etc. All fine topics, but they aren't for me the dance. Those topics will happen with humans no matter what activity we are engaged in – brick making, carrot growing, movie making.So why do we need to focus on those when we are engaged in an improvisation of weight, friction, conservation of angular momentum, fulcrum, repetition(object)…?I guess those physical topics could be considered the subject of a dance. But that is another can of worms.If I spend time worrying about the subject of the dance, I get pulled away from the physical practice of the dance. Have we all gotten so "good" at the improvisation of contact(object) that we no longer need to investigate it and can use it instead to investigate the human condition(subject)?Use the dance to investigate the dance.

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