CI is like Champagne

Only bubbly white wine
that comes from the region of 
Champagne, France 
is given the name 

Contact Improvisation, some people maintain, is more than just a physical practice. It is a political movement, a way of life, a way to interact with our fellow humans and the world. Some might even go as far as to say CI is a social modality that can change the world.

Contact Improvisation was not created in a vacuum. It arose in the United States during a time of great flux and change. It was a time of great social and political upheaval. Therefore, the environment in which CI arose is inherent in the form.

If CI is a political/social/gender/economic etc. movement then to truly understand CI one has to come from the same soil that birthed CI.

Are, then, only denizens of the United States of America fully capable of understanding CI and manifesting true corporeal self-determination in the moment?

(it could also be that all the concomitant -isms that people attribute to the physical form of CI have nothing to with it, that it is purely the physical practice and form. Yes, CI can be a tool for creating those -isms, but it is not those -isms. A hammer can be used to build a house, but it is not a house.)


5 thoughts on “CI is like Champagne

  1. Don't practices constitute cultures? If so then the practice of CI in any culture or time constitutes "true CI." The meaning of "true CI" will shift through the context of history and culture, but it will always be ture if grounded in the physical practice.Do tasks and doings have essential natures although shifting contexts affect the meanings of those doings? Isn't it distinctive for a woman to know herself as one who can lift the body weight of a larger man, whether in the US, in Germany, in Russia, in South Africa, for example? Anyone with a body can understand CI, even if they understand it in the context of their own culture/history.

  2. so it seems you are being facetious here …and what you really want to say is in the parenthesis…? that is not like you, Andrew, to speak inside parenthesis.

  3. We are very grateful to you Andrew for bringing your authentic contact knowledge and cultural wisdom to the European continent. Dancing with you is like drinking an elixir after that cheap nasty imitation bubbly…

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