In 2011

  • 2.3% of preschool and kindergarten teachers were male (from menteach.org)
  • 2.4% of Fortune 500 companies were female (from the Huff Post)

In 2013

  • 16.9% of corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies were female (from cnn.com)
  •  18.3% of Congress were female (20% of the Senate was female & 17.9% of the House was female) and State Legislators were 24.1% female.  (from the website of the National Women’s Political Caucus)

One thought on “Equality

  1. Equality goes both ways. Men and women should be encouraged to pursue their interests in non-traditional fields – whether it’s a man wanting to be a schoolteacher or a woman wanting to run a company.

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