past performances

Renewed or Continued Existence


Zwei Männer zeigen eine improvisierte Tanzperformance, welche die körperlichen, sozialen und psychologischen Grenzen des Alltags überwindet und das Aufeinandertreffen von bewegenden Körpern zelebriert. Das Stück bezieht sich auf den amerikanischen experimentellen Choreografen Steve Paxton. Zwei Männer verbinden sich, geben sich dem Tanz hin, entdecken ihr Potenzial, gehen Risiken ein, erlauben sich Fehler. Das macht sie verletzlich: Alles kann, nichts muss passieren.

Choreografie: Zack Bernstein
Tanz: Zack Bernstein, Andrew Wass

13. 5 in  Yverdon – Place de l’Ancienne-Poste @ 16:30

14.5 in St. Gallen – Marktplatz am Bohl @ 13:00 und Baden – Bahnhofplatz, Baden, Schweiz @ 17:30

15.5 in Genf – Plaine de Plainpalais @ 16:15



Ellinor Ljungkvist

In the frame of  Open Spaces#1-2016

Bitterness results from an obsessive level of introspection. It is an emotional state of long-term regret that ferments into destructive emotions. It is a burden and a weight one consciously fixates on. While sharing a glass of dry martini, the choreographers Ellinor Ljungkvist and Andrew Wass investigate this fixation. They discuss the different perspectives on bitterness in American and Swedish cultures, reveal sad memories and analyze the habit of returning to them time and time again.

Concept: Ellinor Ljungkvist | Performance: Ellinor Ljungkvist, Andrew Wass | Photography: Helena Botto | A production by Ellinor Ljungkvist, in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, funded by the Swedish Art Grants Committee. 

Duration: 30 minutes 

So 28.2. Public talk after the performance. Moderation: Martin Nachbar

Secondary Surface Rendered

Friday, August 14 & Saturday 15, 2015

Crowley Theater 7:30 pm

free and open to the community.

performed, directed, and conceived by Lower Left

Secondary Surface Rendered juxtaposes the human form with materials traditionally used in the visual arts, blurring the boundaries between dance and static art forms. Moving away from the constraints of the standard proscenium setting, Lower Left invites the audience to curate its own experience as it follows the action of the performance installations in the Crowley Theater.

Special thanks to the Crowley Theater, Marfa Live Arts, and the Permian Basin Area Foundation


written and directed by flavio ribeiro

performed by flavio ribeiro and andrew wass

friday, september 19 at 8pm

acker’ festival #2 festival für performative künste

theater ackerstadtpalast berlin

ackerstrasse 169 berlin 10115

 “One always finds one’s burden again. (…) One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”   Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

Sometimes objects become memory solidified; if you accumulate too many things, they occupy your mental space, like vampires. I come from a family of accumulators: we tend to keep stuff forever, even after it disintegrates. 

STUFF is an attempt at coming to terms with all the baggage we schlepp through life, cramming our closets, shaping our subjectivity. STUFF is an open rehearsal, a schizoid portrait of a compulsive hoarder in search of identity, an attempt at understanding the relationship between accumulation and death, dance and politics, fear and desire. 

The attack on the World Trade Center, Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A, Lacan’s objet petit a, Xavier le Roy and my grandmother are some pieces of this puzzle



Friday June 13th @ English Theater Berlin

Fidicinstrasse 40 10965 Berlin

This performance problematizes the normative spatial and kinespheric relationships between the musician and the dancer. Simon Rose (saxophone) and Andrew Wass (dance) investigate the consequences of flattening the hierarchy of the spatial and kinetic operations that govern their relative practices. What is revealed when the musician and dancer have equal access to spacing, level, and facing?

A second investigative trajectory of their performance is to simultaneously discern the compositional limitations and recognize the freedom suggested by the immediacy of the moment. As the sonic and corporeal palettes reveal themselves, an infinite number of ways of manipulating those palettes is also revealed. By limiting their performance to the immediate and not referencing anything outside the performance space, they do not impose any allusions or illustrative restrictions upon the observers. The observers are freed from expectations of meaning and able to craft their own reception of the events on stage.


June 9th 2014 at English Theater Berlin as part of the Expat Expo

The Great Greenbergian Shibboleth

February 2nd 2014 at Studio 2 at Kunsthaus Bethanian



Trios & Soli mit Liz Erber, Henrik Kaalund, Fiona Kelly, Annapaola Leso, Heide Moldenhauer, Meltem Nil, Manon Parent, Andrew Wass.

Eintritt: 5,-€

Tanzfabrik Berlin/Kreuzberg

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Petunien #12

 Petunien Improvisation Series #12, am Samstag 28. September 2013 um 20:30
mit Meltem Nil (Solo)
Sandra Wieser (Solo)

Liz Erber, Henrik Kaalund und Andrew Wass (Trio)

 ada studio
Uferstudios / Studio 7
Uferstraße 23
U8 Pankstraße / U9 Nauener Platz / S-Bf. Gesundbrunnen
Sliding scale: 7-12 Euros
THURSDAY 26TH and Friday 27th SEPTEMBER AT 7.30PM
A group of international expert improvisers come together using what is to hand, and each other, to create a beautiful cramped spectacle of relations.   With Ian Garside, Annie Lok, Laura Doehler, and Andrew Wass

 Secondary Surfaces Rendered

presented by Marfa Live Arts

Tuesday July 9th 2013
8:00 pm
with 12:00 to 1:00pm preshow installation

Crowley Theater
Marfa, Texas

Performed/conceived/choreographed by Lower Left artists Kelly Dalrymple-Wass, Nina Martin, Margaret Paek, Leslie Scates, and Andrew Wass.

Filmed by Susan Simmons

Music by Andrew Wass and Steve Reich

Performance, as defined by theorist Peggy Phelan, is that which disappears. Art as defined by Andrew Wass, is the residual document of its creation. Secondary Surfaces Rendered, the newest set of corporeal kinetic investigations by the Lower Left Performance Collective, combines these two definitions to blur the boundaries between dance and visual art. Moving away from the constraints of the standard proscenium setting, Lower Left invites the audience to create their own journey through this performance. Come experience this dance-art event.