Ambiguity & Knowledge

some thoughts that came to me during Renee Green’s lecture at Graduale 13 at the UdK on 11.10.13

observer created knowledge

author created knowledge

Authorizing Brilliance

As you are the author of your own experience, please frame this piece as you see fit. I urge you to authorize a frame that makes this experience the most brilliant cutting edge piece that you have ever seen in order to maximize your time/experience/cost ratio. This piece is so brilliant, in fact, that every piece you see afterwards will pale in comparison and will be seen as a mere reference to this current piece.

If however, you are not able to create such a frame, then are you really the author of your own experience? What would need to change in your reception of this piece to facilitate your authorship of a brilliant piece? Are the elements present inadequate, or is your skill as an author of your experience inadequate? Wherein lies the responsibility? Is it a 50/50 relationship?

If you are not able to create a brilliant piece with the elements I am presenting to you, can we really say that the audience is the author?