Abstract Industrialism

Watching my 6 month old daughter and how busy she is when she is awake made me think of the term abstract industrialism. Similar to abstract expressionism, abstract. Is there an abstract realism? Anyways. M. is usually quite busy, moving herself, vocalizing, grabbing things, putting her limbs and other objects in her mouth. Very industrious she is as babies if her age are.

Industrious – working energetically and devotedly; hard-working; diligent: an industrious person.

Wha she is trying to do, what her intentions are. I see that she has the book and is banging it. Is that all she is doing? Maybe that is all she is doing and I shouldn’t be trying to read more into her actions. (see post about seeing vs. imagining)

Maybe what she is doing is realistic industrialism, and my confusion about her intentions makes it abstract. Hitting a book while shouting “babababababab” isn’t abstract. It is hitting a book while shouting “babababababab”. Nothing unclear there.

Which then makes me unsure about my original idea for this post. Which was – most improvisational performances are good examples of abstract industrialism. A lot is going on but no one really knows why. But maybe the abstraction comes from wanting to see more than there is

Hmmm must think about this more.