Bush’s Stimulus Package

Do we need any more proof that this president is a moron? O.K. so I don’t have a better plan, but then again I am not a graduate of Harvard business school. Isn’t Harvard ashamed of their graduate? Maybe they should revoke his degree. Is such a thing possible? Back in 2004 Bush received a letter from “senior business and economics professors” saying that the president’s “ economic policies are taking the country in the wrong direction”

My stimulus plan would be to drop all income tax for people making less than $35,000 and raise it some on people in the higher brackets. Doesn’t Warren Buffett pay a smaller percentage on his income than his secretary? He paid 17.7% and she paid 30% . I remember hearing once that people who make less money tend to save less money. And more money in circulation is good for the economy, right. So if the lower end of the economic scale has more cash they’ll spend it.

But what do I know? I don’t have and M.B.A.