The search for the meaning of what is happening on stage is the act of demeaning what is happening on stage.


The Erasmus Intensive

The Erasmus Intensive

The Erasmus Intensive invervates misuses of sensitive manures taken from unassertive mines. In the ruminative sense the interim suaveness gained by the universe’s inmates of this masseur intensive reinvents a misuse of me, a intrusiveness.

What is your reading of this paragraph?

Dance is a Visual Art

Here are some links to compositional ideas for painting and photography that I think apply to dance. Especially in relation to the instant choreo composition modality of Ensemble Thinking.

The Rabatment of the Rectangle

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Odds

Placement of Elements

The Painting’s Secret Geometry

if dance is a visual art, why are the people who watch it called an audience?