The electoral college is unfair

Hillary won the popular vote by 566,434 votes. Why do we have the electoral college?!?!

For example, an electoral vote represents nearly four times as many people in California as in Wyoming.

– Miroff, Bruce; Seidelman, Raymond; Swanstrom, Todd (November 2001). The Democratic Debate: An Introduction to American Politics (Third ed.). Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN 0-618-05452-9.

The Electoral College must Die

Texas: 34 electoral votes and 23,904,380 citizens -> 703,070 citizens per electoral vote

Florida: 34 electoral votes and 18,251,243 -> 675,972 citizens per electoral vote

California: 55 electoral votes and 36,553,215 citizens -> 664,604 citizens per electoral vote

at the other end of the spectrum

Wyoming: 3 electoral votes and 522,830 citizens -> 174,277 citizens per electoral vote

District of Columbia: 3 electoral votes and 588,292 citizens -> 196,097 citizens per electoral vote

Vermont: 3 electoral votes and 621, 254 citizens -> 207, 085 citizens per electoral vote

Is this fair? I thought democracy was based on one person, one vote. But by this system a vote in Wyoming is worth roughly 4x that of a vote in Texas and roughly 3.8x that of a vote in California. I ask again – is this fair?

Why do we have the electoral college?