Should Al Gore become a Vegan?

Al Gore is a huge, if not the biggest, champion of the fight against global warming. He did get the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions As the U.N. has stated “Raising animals for food, the report said, is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems…” To read more about it download this pdf.
So my question, raised by a video I watched on Youtube, is Al Gore a hypocrite if he is not a vegan or at least a vegetarian? Or has he raised enough awareness and caused enough people to shrink their carbon footprint enough to offset his meat diet?

Gore and Airplanes

Too thoughts twoday- If people didn’t carry anything on to a plane, boarding and getting off a plane would be much faster. Less time would be spent going through security. Today all I carried on was the NY Times (It had been sitting outside our building since Wednesday, so I figured it was fair game.) and a book. Getting on and off a plane always takes so long because everyone is blocking the aisle cramming or yanking out their over-sized luggage into the overhead bins.

I vote for banning all carry-ons except for reading material. And water. And something to eat, cuz the bastards are now charging for food. And a sweater. And my laptop and camera because they would never survive if I checked them.
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Also Gore, why did he get the Nobel Peace Prize? Yes, he has drawn the world’s attention more to global warming, but he hasn’t solved or worked to foster peace directly. Global warming will probably lead to massive conflicts- food shortages, people migrating due to rising ocean levels, fighting over water in areas of drought. But Gore hasn’t worked on any of those problems. Maybe he will in the future but give the Prize to him then.

“In 2004, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai, which Brende said shows the award committee’s focus on ecological problems as a source of conflict.”

Maybe the Nobel Committee needs to make another prize, one that is dedicated to environmental work. Seems like the Peace Prize is going to anyone who does something nice on a large scale. Don’t get me wrong, I think Gore is doing good stuff, but I don’t think he is doing peace work directly.