First word- bizarre…walking around campus remembering how much I have forgotten. And remembering the things I remember- where I sat in chapel; where I lost my virginity; where we would builder around the dorms; where I took Honors history freshman year; where M. and I finally consumed alcohol on campus the day before we graduated. Probably a couple years later than everyone else.
Bizarre…one guy’s got a hedge fund; one guy works for a big hotel chain; another guy is a Hollywood agent. Everyone’s got kids and more on the way. Some people rounder, some people thinner. Car seats and minivans (O.K, so that was a rental).
If I tally up the drinks I had that day ( 7 beers and 5 glasses of wine), make me think that my alcoholic genes are kicking in.
The state of the climbing wall behind the gym is sad. Looks like no one is using it. The ropes course is also gone. I guess after Mr. Patterson died, no one was teaching that. The glue-ons on the side of the gym look like no one has touched them in years. Guess I’ll have to find another place to donate my holds to.
Bizarre…it was almost as if I had never left. Conversations weren’t as awkward as I had feared (well, a few drinks never hurt one’s sociability). Talked to some people more at the reunion than I did when we were in school together.

again in 5?