Kiefer is a privledged Lush

Kiefer Sutherland was recently arrested for driving while under the influence while on probation for a similar offense. His sentence is 48 days in jail. Maybe that number because it is twice the number of the title of his show, who knows.

But what galls me is this –
Earlier reports suggested he would serve his term with breaks in order not to interrupt the 24 filming schedule”

Why would he have gotten out of jail every now and then? Yes, he is a big star, blah, blah, blah, but what judge could hand that decision down with a straight face and not think the justice system is a joke? If anyone else had been arrested for a similar offense they would not be allowed out of jail to continue their work schedule. They would probably lose their job, be unable to pay their mortgage, spouse/partner leave them as they get more and more depressed…
But, noooo, Mr. Fancy Pants Hollywood star has the possibility to leave jail whenever he feels like it.

But it is all moot anyways as “…production has already been suspended due to a Hollywood writers’ strike.”