Since I have moved to Berlin recently, I bought a bike. A Checker Pig Maru. I dig it. Matte black, minimal graphics, pretty light frame. Enclosed gear system, Nexus by Shimano. So now I have to learn how to wear or what to wear while biking. My Jack Spade messenger bag is okay – small, simple, black, but it keeps sliding forward while I am riding. And it can’t hold as much as my Osprey bag – Stratos 24. I really like that bag. Hugs the torso well and can hold a decent amount of stuff. Problem though is the visuals. For an urban bag it is too busy.

Jack Spade and Osprey need to team up and make urban bags. A dual strap bag, like my Osprey stays on the body so much better than the Spade bag. But the Osprey is too busy ( as I said above) too busy too busy too busy.

Take the shape of the Osprey and have the material of the Spade bag with a long top down flap with Velcro. Have a similar strap system to keep the bag close to the body.

just some simple thoughts…maybe I should look at ortlieb…