“Hamas had it coming” read a sign I saw at a protest near the Oakland Farmer’s Market last Saturday. Did these children in Palestine have it coming?

Did Hamas think Israel would respond in any other way?

How can Israel not think that killing more wives, husbands, daughters and sons will make even more “terrorists”?

How can Hamas not think that Israel is going to pound the #^@% out of Gaza once they start firing rockets?

Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?

“Israel is in “all-out war” with Hamas, the nation’s defense minister said Monday as Israeli jets continued to hammer targets in Gaza and the Palestinian death toll reportedly topped 300.

“The attacks also have wounded about 650 people, the sources said.”

“One of the strikes killed an Israeli at a construction site in Ashkelon, 6 miles (10 kilometers) north of Gaza, and wounded eight others, a hospital spokeswoman said. The Israeli fatality is the second since the airstrikes began Saturday.

“An Israeli strike early Monday hit the Jabalya refugee camp, leaving five children dead in a home that was damaged when a nearby mosque was hit, said Dr. Mu’awiya Hassanein. The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

excerpts from an article by CNN

Hamas, in its idiocy, shoots rockets at Israel and kills one person. Israel, in its over-adrenalized fedupness (if that is a word), bombs the piss out of Gaza killing hundreds, children included.

Going by the numbers, Palestine kills 2 and Israel kills 300. Overkill, no?

But why did Hamas think that shooting rockets at Israel was a good idea? Did they expect this time to be different?

Idiots, the lot of them.