It’s been a while

Back home for a spell.

Getting back into the rhythm of home (married!) life. So far not so different. Except for the ring finger on my left hand is a little heavier. But it doesn’t really fit. When the ring was purchased it fit fine. My ring finger was still slightly swollen due to a torn ligament or tendon. It had been that way for a long time so I thought it was thicker permanently. Now that I have been eating Aleve like it’s candy due to my knee, my finger is back to normal. Go figure.

Anyways, go see the film Tell No One. Good stuff.

Pulley tendon poppage

Well, yesterday as I was bouldering at the gym as I pulled on a hold with my left finger, I heard a nice popping sound. Didn’t really hurt that much, but after talking to a doctor who is also a climber, he said that I popped a pulley tendon. The A2 or something like that. I forget exactly. Based upon where the stiffness is between my hand and the first knuckle of my left ring finger. I think I did this several years ago in ’95 when I was climbing in a gym in Austria. 12 years later and the same injury. And the lame thing is it was not a very hard climb. Not that I can do anything really hard anyways, but still.

So while icing, more time to play Hordes of Orcs. After remembering how to take a picture of my desktop – caps lock, shift+commad+4, click drag crosshairs – took a picture of the impossible level of cross something. Forget the name of the level. But have already completed that level, but wanted to try out the LVL. 5 lighting tower. (Warning!! Approaching geekdom) Here is a photo of it- 16 arrow towers, radiation, ice and lighting at max. After learning the bait trick, this game just becomes a waiting game. Symmetry…you gotta love it! Hit them with some radiation as they enter, ice to slow them down, lighting to fry them…