God of Triangles

If triangles had a God, he would have three sides.

– Charles de Montesquieu, philosopher and writer (18 Jan 1689-1755)



Hell or H E double hockey sticks, the place where the devil lives. The red hot stinky place where the bad people go. Dante had different layers of it for different degrees of evil.

But I am not here to talk about evil, brimstone, or Billy Crystal as the Devil in a Woody Allen film.

I am here to talk about the word hell.

In English, it means the bad place.

In German, it means light, bright, clear or pale.

Hellblau is light blue. Ein heller Morgen… a bright morning…

Mir wird mein helles Haar zur Last –Rilke (my pale hair becomes a burden to me)

In English hell is the bad place and in German hell is light. Hölle is the German word for the bad place.

Who lives in hell? Satan, the devil, also known as Lucifer.

Isaiah 14:12 – “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” (and what is also associated with morning?!? – Lightness, brightness)

2 Corinthians 11:14 – “… for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

So we have

Hell = Light

Hölle = Hell

Draw your own conclusions

Natural vs. Unnatural

If the pope says that homosexuality is unnatural, does he not think that celibacy is unnatural?

Humans are built with sexual organs and designed by the Lord, so why not use them as the Lord intended?

How is celibacy any more natural?

Celibacy seems to me to choosing to go against god’s wishes and not using sexual organs as the lord intended.

Instances of homosexuality have been seen in multiple species, not just humans.

How many other species have voluntary celibate members in them? Sure there are some ugly apes that can’t get any action, but that isn’t what I am talking about.

And self-flagellation, with a whip I mean, how natural is that?

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Could this be the work of Satan, or the Lord’s punishment for homosexuality? Well, since no one died, maybe just punishment for a fleeting homosexual fantasy. Or maybe someone in the van said abortion. Who knows? Lord knows!

A mishap involving a church van during rush hour on Friday evening injured five people and shut down the highway.The wreck happened between Taylorsville Road and Interstate 64. Sources told NewsChannel 32 one of the van’s tires had blown.The 15-passenger van was from the South Jefferson Christian Church in Louisville and showed it had flipped onto its side on the northbound Gene Synder Expressway.Vince Luney of MetroSafe said the injured passengers were taken to University Hospital. Officials said the wreck closed the two northbound lanes and forced the closure of one of the southbound lanes.

Muslims nations: Defame Islam, get sued?

This is exactly why people make fun of Islam. Well, it is better than blowing up people. But I don’t want some whiners in another country telling me what I can and cannot say, what whole other countries can and cannot say. And this guy is another reason people make fun of Islam.

All religions are asinine. All religions are misused. Read God is not Great: How religion spoils everything. But seems like some Islamists are getting quite sensitive. This is pitting the ideals of free speech against the ideals of one religion.

Has anyone compared the growing pains and wars of Christian Sects centuries ago to the wars of Islamic sects today? Just heard on the radio the other day how in one of the original 13 colonies Quakers were hanged just for being Quakers. A Quaker! How more innocent can you get than a Quaker. Guess the Christians who hanged them forgot about that one commandment. “The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay were determined to exclude alien elements from their spiritual community, and they hanged four Quakers to prove it.”

Tom Cruise is Nuts

Tom Cruise is nuts. He is building a bunker to protect his family against Xenu. Weird, yes, but any different than red heifers and the apocalypse? Or circumcision and Kolob? or transubstantiation (which if you think about it is cannibalism)? Why do we consider Tom Cruise a whack job (or am I the only one?) for worrying about an evil cosmic ruler bent on revenge but think its sane to go to a big stone building and pretend to eat and drink the blood of someone who died but then came back to life?