Maybe he knew playing with matches is wrong. Maybe his parents had told him before this fire that matches are not toys. But he should not be “[removed] from his home and [possibly detained] as a ward of the state.” That is just going to #@#$ him over. How many people go through state systems – foster care, jail – and end up the better for it?

Cyndi Jo Means, a deputy district attorney in nearby San Diego County, says that,” Any finding of guilt… would not follow the boy into adulthood.” Yeah, right. Legally, maybe, but socially…screwed. He’d never get a job at a gas station (but then again who wants a job at a gas station?). People will definitely think twice about him, and not in a good way, when they find out about his fire history.

Why are people building way out there? It is terrible city planning. Massive sprawls of cookie cutter houses. Making houses further and further away harder for firemen to reach.

Instead of ugly stucco McMushroomMansions, high rises should be built. Make it 4o stories. 4 living spaces per floor, the cardinal directions. Thing of the views people would have. And then gardens would be around the high rise, acting as a buffer. There wouldn’t be miles and miles of roads, adding to global warming. Just think of how much smaller our eco footprint would be if we built like as opposed to having so many houses.

Come to think of it, he will be completely forgotten, the fires and destruction will be completely forgotten. The warnings, the anger, loss of life an property will be forgotten. And the people who were so angry will rebuild in the same exact places that are dry and fire prone and not maintain fire buffers. Maybe having your house burn down is how you pay the piper when you build in that area.