Talk about stupid. No, not hybrids. I have a Prius, had it since 2002. 1st generation!! On the forefront, the cutting (or is it bleeding?) edge. What I am calling stupid is SUV hybrids. Yes, they might get better mileage than a non Hybrid, but their mileage still sucks.
An SUV hybrid does not address the real problem of people driving around much more metal than necessary. A hybrid SUV allows people to justify their outrageous purchases, to assuage their guilt – “It’s really not that bad…it’s a hybrid…I am helping the environment…yeah, there is a green leaf on my car…”
An extreme analogy would be comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler. “At least Hussein didn’t kill 6 million people, therefore he is a good guy. Yeah, that’s it!”
C’mon, get real. 30 mpg is still 30 mpg to carry one fat person through the Jack in the Box drive through, whether or not you have a lithium battery in your trunk.