There is no theory.

There is no theory.  

There is only practice.  

What you do is your practice.  

Whether you are sitting at a table or lying on the floor or doing push-ups or aligning your heels with your sitz bones or quoting dead lovers of knowledge, you are engaged in a practice.  If you are repeating it, you are rehearsing it.  If you are rehearsing it, it is your practice.  If you are sitting around a table discussing the possibilities of choreography, you are practicing sitting around a table discussing possibilities.  Why are you not stretching or sharing weight while discussing the possibilities of choreography?  

It has been scientifically proven that those who sit more live shorter lives.

Do you want your practice to lead to a shorter life span? 

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This leads me to another point.  Philosophy.  Philo coming from the Latin for love and sophy from sophia mean knowledge or wisdom.  Therefore, someone who loves knowledge is a philosopher.  Anyone who is involved in a practice is therefore a philosopher.  The more rigorous the practice the more rigorous the philosophy.  Therefore anyone who has an interest, whether it’s comic books, ballet, baseball, anatomy, is a philosopher.  He or she loves knowledge of a sort.  It might not be knowledge that someone else finds particularly useful or valid, but it is still knowledge.  Whether Green Lantern could survive an attack by the Silver Surfer is just as philosophical a discussion as an aesthetic and textual examination of King Lear.

A chef is a philosopher.
A soccer coach is a philosopher.
A hair dresser is a philosopher.
A rancher is a philosopher.
An eye doctor is a philosopher.
A second grade teacher is a philosopher.
A Shiatsu practitioner is a philosopher.
A forest ranger is a philosopher.
A stat quoting baseball fan is a philosopher.
A contact improviser is a philosopher.