Formulaic Film

Hey, it’s just like 300!

change the bad guy, change the good guy…isn’t this Star Wars all over again? Which was The Hidden Fortress all over again which was…

formulaic, yes…but wasn’t also Picasso? He just had time to develop multiple formulas

I wonder how long these links will last.


here is a photo of my current writing process

3 Types of Movies

There are four types of movies-

1. I’ll watch the preview of it.
2. I’ll watch the movie on a plane.
3. I’ll rent the movie.
4. I’ll actually go to the theater and see it.

It’s been a while

Back home for a spell.

Getting back into the rhythm of home (married!) life. So far not so different. Except for the ring finger on my left hand is a little heavier. But it doesn’t really fit. When the ring was purchased it fit fine. My ring finger was still slightly swollen due to a torn ligament or tendon. It had been that way for a long time so I thought it was thicker permanently. Now that I have been eating Aleve like it’s candy due to my knee, my finger is back to normal. Go figure.

Anyways, go see the film Tell No One. Good stuff.

The Damned Don’t Cry

The clip above is from the noir film “The Damned Don’t Cry” starring Joan Crawford. It’s an okay flick, kept waiting for the titular line, but it never came. The clip above is from the end of the movie when the shit hits the fan. The bad guy kills the other bad guy. There’s a great roll and flip over a staircase.

Who says parkour started in France?