Past affecting Future

From the NY Times 2009/07/15

“Repeatedly, Judge Sotomayor sought to persuade the panel that her past, rather than determining how she rules on cases, makes her more perceptive in sorting out the issues.”

But if her past is making her more perceptive about the issues, then won’t it affect how she rules?

“No, the judge said. She pledged that “at no point nor time” would she let her background affect how she rules.”

But then doesn’t this mean that she cannot let her past make her more perceptive in sorting out the issues?

‘ “I think the system is strengthened when judges don’t assume they’re impartial,” she said.” ‘

“This statement seems to contradict that she will “at no point nor time” affect how she rules. Why can’t we all admit that everyone is biased? Some are more biased more than others but that is only when their bias does not jive with your bias.

I say let her on the Court. She has enough experience. And there are enough old white male biases on the court. Time for another bias.