The Conservative Rhetoric

Republicans have historically borrowed more than Democrats.

Who cares…Gay people shouldn’t marry.

Our bridges, roads and other infrastructure are crumbling.

Who cares…Marriage is for only a man and a woman.

Our schools are crap and America is losing its competitive edge.

Who cares…Gay people are ruining marriage.

The polar ice caps are melting and the Earth is heating up.

Who cares…Gay people are brainwashing our children.

The so called “death tax” only affects people who actually have money.

Who cares…Gay people are causing the breakdown of the American family.

The politicians you keep voting for keep screwing you.

Who cares…Gay people shouldn’t adopt.

We are running out of antibiotics.

Who cares…Gay people shouldn’t be able to visit their partners in a hospital.

Our oceans are overfished.

Who cares…Gay people invented AIDS.

Solar, wind, and wave energy sources could be completely viable if we invested in them.

Who cares…Gay people ruined marriage.

Why are we still subsidizing the profitable oil companies?

Who cares…Gay people ruined marriage.


Natural vs. Unnatural

If the pope says that homosexuality is unnatural, does he not think that celibacy is unnatural?

Humans are built with sexual organs and designed by the Lord, so why not use them as the Lord intended?

How is celibacy any more natural?

Celibacy seems to me to choosing to go against god’s wishes and not using sexual organs as the lord intended.

Instances of homosexuality have been seen in multiple species, not just humans.

How many other species have voluntary celibate members in them? Sure there are some ugly apes that can’t get any action, but that isn’t what I am talking about.

And self-flagellation, with a whip I mean, how natural is that?